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The comic about random stuff and things that happen with sonic, mario, link, megaman and... well you get the point. theres alot of people. wanna Cameo? either give me the link on a comment or a PM. well, enjoy! Credit for sonic sprites and other stuff all go to their rightful owners.

Name: Sonic Age: 16 Type of Animal: Hedgehog Likes: Chilidogs, Running, Amy Rose. Dislikes: knuckles, Dr. Eggman, Water. Description: Sonic's a speedy, Carefree guy,he saves the world. Sonic is currently Tails's best bud and amy's boyfriend _ _ _ Name: Tails Miles Prower Age: 10 Type of Animal: Fox/Kitsune Likes: Making inventions, Cream, Cosmo. Dislikes: Evil Inventions, Rouge. Description: He may be little but, man is he smart. Inventions he make help sonic, his bud with saving the world. _ _ _ Name: Knuckles Age: 17 Type of Animal: Echidna Likes: Tikal, Master Emerald. Dislikes: Sonic, Rouge, Being Tricked. Descrption: The guardian of the master emerald. Although he's strong, He's VERY gullible. _ _ _ Name: Amy Rose Age: 15 Type of Animal: Hedgehog Likes: Sonic, music. Dislikes: Punk/Rock music, robots. Description: Her only weapon is her Piko-Piko hammer, and a real fact is that she keeps a knife in her right boot. _ _ _ Name: Cream Age: 8 Type of Animal: Rabbit Likes: Tails, Cheese (her chao). Dislikes: Cosmo, Scary things. Description: a young rabbit who has a crush on tails, and amy is her best friend. Her chao is like a weapon,and a pet. _


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